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so I was seriously considering buying Simplify3D last year. Custom infills, processes, gcode preview - it all looks good.
Of course nothing other than AutoMaker took advantage of needle valves.

Do we have alternative fully-featured slicer today?


Cura 3+ integration is close. I don't use S3D at all but from watching opinion in the facebook general 3D print groups (hilarious at times, mostly infuriating) it seems current Cura tools are preferable or at least comparable when users have both systems.

Visualisation tools are also planned for this release. They are pretty nice.


We do not currently intend to support other slicers.

For official support please create a support ticket using this link



Hi Marcin, long time no see 🙂   I've just released Robox Printer,  Extruder  and mesh definitions for the Robox Dual 0.4mm, Quickfill and Single X on the Unofficial Facebook page..  Im just trying to figure out how to lock away some of the IPR in the post processing script,, but if it gets too hard then I'll just release it for free and maybe people will feel like giving me a donation for the efforts.  


Next job is to submit to CURA for full integration.   IF you want a copy of the current files give me a shout on the facebook forum.


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