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Are there any plans to produce a dual material head to use the abrasive filament with build support material so, ruby tip and normal tip.

There are some benefits to filled materials but not many use cases which cannot be met with the existing heads. What is your intended use?

I would like to see the same thing. It is entirely possible to develop the head that you are asking for by my understanding, there just needs to be enough demand to justify the development cost.

I design and kit large scale gliders for RC.  The carbon loaded filament so far has proved to be very strong and durable.  I would however like to be able to use soluble filament for support material in some of my builds as using the carbon filament is a waste and expensive.

I agree, there does need to be a better solution. I would probably just use it with PolySupport as I find soluble filament to be more trouble than it is worth so far. The mechanics should not be a problem based on what I know about the head, it is just the software, to determine if you can assign the retracts to one nozzle and not the other. Even if it wasn't an Olsson nozzle and was just a hardened steel nozzle that would be fine with me.

Have you tried our PA12 Nylon? It is possible to use this in the DM head. I would be surprised if you could break this material with the intended use 🙂

The benefit of filled materials (Glass or Nylon) is more about thermal stability (less shrinkage) than strength, the carbon fibre is in such short strands that it has little effect on strength.

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A dual abrasive head is possible but not currently planned. The Needle valves make the DM head work so well for DM prints, avoiding strings and dribble while allowing very fast material changes during the print. The current design of the Olsson nozzle does not allow use of needle valves.

The next head we intend to release is a high temperature head based around a special nozzle from Olsson and our own heater block. This will allow high temperature materials such as Ultem and PEEK to be run through existing Robox units simply by changing the head.

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I have not tried the PA12 Nylon but I must say the the results I am getting with the carbon fill is pretty damn good!  And the strength of the part produced is excellent.


Doesn't really matter what low cost material is used for support, at the moment there is no choice other than to use the carbon material as the support which is not very cost effective.

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