[Solved] Flaws in a print: Cancel or continue?  



If you are printing a part and notice a disapointing but non critical flaw, do you?

  1. Cancel the print, the plastic is wasted and goes in the bin.
  2. Let it complete and find some use for the flawed item. Reprinting from scratch. The risk here is that more plastic is used.
  3. Reprint the failed part and connect it with a good part. Takes some extra effort but can produce a good result.
  4. Do something else and describe it in your answer.


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In my case the print job usually runs on the Robox until it is finished or until it comes up with a critical failure, that would destroy the part or harm the printer. 

If the Robox fails at a print and the part is urgently needed the print job  immediately gets restarted on the Replicator 2 if it is a single material print or on the Mojo if support material is needed.

This is the beauty of having a variety of printers with different materials and slicers. A comprehensive preview in the slicer software is really helpful to identify possible defects before the print is sent to the printer.  There is no preview in Automaker and this leads to a higher failure rate of prints on the Robox.

Gcode visualiser for AutoMaker is being tested internally now.  We plan to have a big release early in 2019 with all sorts of additions.


No simple answers here.
- PLA model? Nah, let it print, I'll patch it up.
- Functional prototype:
.  - Mechanically compromised? -> scrap
.  - Just ugly? -> Nah.
- Replacement part or newly designed item.
.  - For someone? -> scrap.
.  - For me? -> Nah.

Nice answer. Thanks.


Anyone else?


If it happens on early layers, I usually cancel the print - don't like to waste time.

If it happens after long time printing, I usually continue in hope that I can fix it later with hand tools or extra parts.

In other case - depends of flaw kind, print target (final or not) and time remaining.

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